*fingers crossed*

soooo my boss renewed my pass this morning.. hopefully no more hassle. hmmm i-update din kaya nila ung picture?! antaba ko kc sa id. as if may mababago kahit magpapicture ako ngayon, pero at least long hair nako baka may magawang difference un kahit papano… meh.

they hired an indian guy who works as a remote tech dude. sabe ni boss, na-deny daw. she wrote an appeal already and still waiting for feedback. based on my experience, if they want you, they will do everything para maayos ang pass. i got denied the first time for the reason na nilagay ni boss ung pangalan ko in this order: First Name Last Name …e ansabe ni MOM [Ministry of Manpower] dapat pareho sa passport, so Last Name First Name dapat. so dito sa SG, inchik ako. lahat ng important docs baliktad ung pangalan ko. somehow may sense naman kc without the workpass, passport lang yung pinaka-ID mo.

ow yeah and i booked a ticket home. wala lang excited nko kahit ilang buwan pa un!

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