cos we are living in a material world.

okaaaaay so i got a not-so-brand-new macbookpro last friday, just in time for Diablo 3’s open beta weekend. and! walang nanyare! the stupid installer crashed a couple of times and i just gave up on it. at shempre ndi ko naiwasan na mbuset at bakit ba mac tong binili ko. well aside from its a swap for a brand new ipad2 (oo ndi tlga ung bagong ipad), i really need a backup in case Tama (5yr old acer aspire) dies a natural death. if it wasnt for the really good deal [with free magic trackpad] i wouldve settled for a new generation acer aspire. and bec dad made sure all the software installed are legit (nagpainstall pa sya ng photoshop!), i cant bring myself to dload a stupid dreamweaver and finally just settled with an open sourced text editor.

im quite happy with how i got Seb (Sebastian the Macbook) but if i wont be able to play Diablo 3 with it, its pretty useless for now. Especially when Pon (iphone) can handle all the stuff i do online. And with that i dont think i will be making any big purchases again anytime soon. tsk kung kelan malapit na ang GSS (great singapore sale). ow well.

Tama and Seb

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